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Using Sidekick

Ready to use Sidekick? These articles show you how to use the many features available.

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Live Voting on SidekickSidekick's new feature: live voting! Increase engagement using polls in your presentations!
Presenting Full-Screen in SidekickLet us show you how to take your presentation to the big screen so you can present to a group.
Adding Songs to Sidekick via SongSelectLet's walk through the process for adding song lyrics to your session using CCLI SongSelect
Rearranging Sections and Slides in SidekickLet's talk about how to organize your presentation by moving sections and slides.
Adding Speaker Notes in SidekickSidekick allows you to add notes to specific slides to help make sure you don't lose your place while presenting.
Controlling Your Sidekick Presentation from Your PhoneThis feature improves the quality of presentations while also reducing potential awkward moments that can occur when slide cues are missed.
Adding Photos, Text, and Video to slides in SidekickSidekick allows users to quickly and easily add photos, text, and video elements to slides within a presentation.
Creating a Live Poll with Image-Based QuestionsUpgrade your presentations by making your polls image-based quickly and easily.
Controlling Your Sidekick Presentation from Your PhoneYou can easily control your presentation using your phone, just follow these simple steps to feel the power.
Upload and Use Your Own Videos in Sidekick BetaYou can upload videos directly to Sidekick Beta to your own library using our video upload feature.
DYM IntegrationAnnouncing the most exciting, time-saving feature. Instantly load your DYM games/videos into Sidekick Beta!
Spinning WheelsAdd a customizable spinning wheel to any slide in your Sidekick presentation!
Pick Me!Add a customizable name picker to any slide in your Sidekick presentation!