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Creating a Live Poll with Image-Based Questions
Creating a Live Poll with Image-Based Questions

Upgrade your presentations by making your polls image-based quickly and easily.

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Elevate your live voting polls by incorporating image-based questions, especially useful for interactive games. This guide will walk you through the process of creating an engaging game using Image-Based polls.

Creating Your Image-Based Poll

  1. Accessing Your Dashboard:

    • Log in to your Sidekick Beta account and go to your dashboard.

  2. Starting with a Title Slide:

    • Begin with your title slide for the game. You might already have this set up as your starting point.

  3. Adding a New Slide:

    • Click to add a new slide where you'll create your image-based question.

  4. Editing the Slide for Live Voting:

    • Edit the newly added slide. Add a live voting element to enable students to vote for the correct answer.

  5. Enabling Image-Based Questions:

    • Use the 'Image-Based Question' toggle. This feature allows polls to feature an image for both the question and the answer, instead of a text-based format.

  6. Uploading Images for Question and Answer:

    • Upload an image for your question (e.g., question number one) and another for the answer (e.g., answer number one).

  7. Setting Up Answer Options:

    • Choose how many answer options you want to provide (e.g., two options). Designate the correct answer (e.g., option B).

  8. Presenting Your Poll:

    • Return to your presentation and hit 'Present'. Drag your screen to the display and enter full-screen mode to show the game.

  9. Using QR Code for Student Participation:

    • Click 'Show QR Code' to display a QR code for students to scan and join the poll. Once everyone's in, hide the QR code overlay.

  10. Conducting the Poll:

    • Display the question slide. Students vote for their choice (e.g., A or B) and confirm their selection.

  11. Revealing the Correct Answer:

    • After voting ends, click 'Reveal Correct Answer'. The correct answer (e.g., B) will be displayed. Students who chose correctly will see a green screen with 'Correct', and those who didn't will see a red screen with 'Sorry'.

  12. Repeating for Multiple Rounds:

    • You can add multiple image-based questions in a sequence for an engaging and interactive experience.

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