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Pick Me!

Add a customizable name picker to any slide in your Sidekick presentation!

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Adding a Pick Me to your presentation in Sidekick can make it more interactive and fun. Whether you're hosting a giveaway, making a decision, or just adding a bit of excitement to your presentation, here's a step-by-step guide to help you incorporate this feature seamlessly:

Step 1: Create or Open a Presentation

• Launch Sidekick and either create a new presentation or open an existing one.

Step 2: Accessing "Pick Me"

• In your presentation, look for the option to edit your slide.

• Notice the toolbar at the top, where you can add various elements like text, media, and now, "Pick Me."

• If there's a default text box or any other element, delete it to make room for "Pick Me."

Step 3: Adding Items to "Pick Me"

• Click on "Pick Me" to open its settings.

• Start adding items (e.g., letters or names) one by one. You can use the Tab or Enter key to quickly add multiple items.

• Once you've added all desired items, click "Save."

Step 4: Presenting

• Close the settings and click "Present" to launch the presentation mode.

• Drag the presentation window to your display and enter full-screen mode.

• Click "Pick Me" to start cycling through the items. Press "Stop" when you're ready to choose an item.

Step 5: Bulk Adding Items

• If you need to add many items at once, use the "Bulk Add" feature.

• For example, create a Google Form for inputs like student names, which saves to a Google Sheet.

• Copy the names from the Google Sheet and paste them into the "Bulk Add" window in Sidekick.

• Click to add all items simultaneously.

Step 6: Customizing Your Slide

• You can move the "Pick Me" widget around the slide for optimal placement.

• Add an image or change the background/foreground colors to match your theme.

• Adjust the visibility of future winners or selected items to manage your session dynamically.

Step 7: Additional Features

• You can adjust the odds of winning, change selection sounds, and even add new items on the fly during your presentation.

• Use these features to assign tasks or make selections in an engaging and random manner.

Step 8: Adding Text and Other Elements

• Beyond "Pick Me," explore adding text, moving backgrounds, or videos to enrich your presentation.

• Customize your slide fully to fit the context of your session or event.

Step 9: Finalizing and Presenting

• Once you're satisfied with your setup, go into presentation mode to run your session.

• Use the "Pick Me" feature live to select winners, assign tasks, or make decisions in an interactive and fun way.

Enjoy exploring the endless possibilities with Sidekick's "Pick Me" feature! To see Pick Me in action, check out the video below:

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