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Upload and Use Your Own Videos in Sidekick Beta
Upload and Use Your Own Videos in Sidekick Beta

You can upload videos directly to Sidekick Beta to your own library using our video upload feature.

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Sidekick now offers an exciting feature that allows users to upload their own videos directly to the Sidekick servers. This enhancement means you're no longer limited to using only YouTube or Vimeo links. Your uploaded videos will be available across different computers, ensuring they're ready for your presentation, no matter where you're working from.

Uploading Videos

  1. Access the Media Upload Window: When you're editing a slide, click on the 'media' option. This will bring up a window displaying all your previously uploaded images and videos.

  2. Choose to Upload a Video: Select the 'video' tab in this window. Here you'll see videos you've already uploaded.

  3. Upload Process: To upload a new video, simply select the file from your computer. Keep in mind that upload times will vary based on your internet connection speed, and videos will take a moment to process before they are available for use.

Using Videos in Your Presentation

  1. Inserting a Video: Choose a video from your uploaded collection and add it to your slide.

  2. Looping a Video: If you want a video to loop continuously, go to 'video settings' and enable the looping option.

  3. Adding Questions and Answers: You can easily integrate interactive elements like questions and answers into your presentation. Upload these elements as separate videos and add them to subsequent slides.

  4. Presenting Your Game: When you hit 'present', you can drag the presentation to a full-screen mode on your desired screen.

Example: Creating a Game

  • Title Slide: Start with a looping title video.

  • Question Slides: Upload and insert question videos for your game.

  • Answer Slides: Similarly, upload and add answer videos.

  • Interactivity: Engage your audience by asking them to respond to the questions, revealing answers on subsequent slides.

Additional Tips

  • Preview and Edit: Always preview your slides to ensure everything is set up correctly before your presentation.

  • Help and Support: For any questions or assistance, reach out to us at [email protected].

  • Stay Updated: Visit our blog at for the latest features and updates.


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