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Live Voting on Sidekick
Live Voting on Sidekick

Sidekick's new feature: live voting! Increase engagement using polls in your presentations!

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Sidekick Presents: Live Voting!

This feature is designed to enhance student engagement during services by allowing real-time voting. This help desk article will guide you through the process of creating and using live polls in Sidekick.

Creating a Live Poll

  1. Start with a Blank Slide: Go to a blank slide in your presentation.

  2. Add the Live Voting Element: Double-click and select the 'Add Element' button, then choose 'Live Voting' from the drop-down list.

  3. Customize Your Poll:

    • Edit Question and Answers: Double-click to open voting settings. Enter your question (e.g., "Are you in middle school or high school?") and add answer options (e.g., "Middle School", "High School"). Delete unnecessary options using the trash can icon.

    • Presentation Options: Choose whether to display a QR code and decide if you want to show live results.

    • Answer Format: Select whether to show results in percentages or numbers.

    • Reorder by Votes: Enable this to auto-sort answers based on the number of votes.

Launching and Managing the Poll

  1. Presenting the Poll: After setting up, go back to your presentation and select 'Present'. Drag your presentation to the display and go full screen. A QR code will appear for students to scan.

  2. Voting Process: Students can vote by scanning the QR code and accessing the poll on their devices.

  3. Viewing Results: Real-time results can be displayed on the screen, showing percentages or numbers of votes. The order of answers will adjust based on vote count.

  4. Ending the Poll: Select 'End Voting' to conclude the poll. Students will receive a notification that voting is over.

Advanced Features

  1. Correct Answer Reveal: For polls with a correct answer, reveal the correct option at the end of voting. Custom messages can be displayed for correct or incorrect responses.

  2. Anonymity Assurance: Assure students that their responses are anonymous, particularly for sensitive topics.

Reuse and Versatility

  • Reusing QR Code: Students don’t need to rescan the QR code for subsequent polls during the session.

  • Multiple Polls in a Session: Incorporate various polls throughout the lesson or service to gauge changes in student understanding or opinions.

Support and Updates

For assistance or inquiries about Sidekick’s live voting feature, contact support at [email protected]. Stay updated on new features by visiting the blog at

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