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Adding Speaker Notes in Sidekick
Adding Speaker Notes in Sidekick

Sidekick allows you to add notes to specific slides to help make sure you don't lose your place while presenting.

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The Speaker Notes feature is designed to assist speakers in keeping track of their presentations and ensuring no important points or stories are missed.

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Speaker Notes

1. Accessing Speaker Notes

  • Open your presentation in Sidekick.

  • To add notes, navigate to the slide you want to edit and double-click on the slide.

2. Adding Notes to Your Slide

  • Click on the Speaker Notes icon, represented by a small notepad symbol.

  • Enter your note in the provided text box.

  • Save your note and return to the presentation (or continue to add notes to other slides).

3. Seeing Speaker Notes During Your Presentation

  • As you navigate through the presentation, the Speaker Notes will be visible in the control center for each corresponding slide.

  • If you are controlling your presentation from your phone, simply tap the “Speaker Notes” button to show the Speaker Notes instead of the current slide.

4. Real-Time Note Display

  • As you advance through the presentation, any slide with attached notes will automatically display these notes on your mobile device.

  • This ensures you have timely reminders and prompts without interrupting the flow of your presentation.

Additional Resources and Support

  • Need Assistance?: For any support or questions, reach out to Sidekick at [email protected].

  • Stay Updated: To discover new features and updates, visit the Sidekick blog at


Speaker Notes in Sidekick are a powerful tool for presenters, ensuring key points and stories are not missed.

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