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Navigating the Sidekick Dashboard
Navigating the Sidekick Dashboard

Your Dashboard is where your Sidekick journey begins. You can access all of your presentations here.

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Welcome to Sidekick 2.0! Once you've logged into Sidekick 2.0, the first thing you'll encounter is the Sidekick Dashboard. This central hub allows you to access and manage your presentations with ease. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to utilize its features.

1. Accessing Your Work: When you get to the dashboard, you'll immediately see any presentations you've previously worked on.

  • Opening a Presentation: To revisit and work on an existing presentation, locate the one you'd like and simply click the "Open" button next to it.

2. Creating a New Presentation: Starting a fresh presentation is a breeze.

  • Create Button: Click on the "Create Presentation" button.

  • Title and Description: Provide your presentation with a meaningful title and a brief description to make it easily identifiable later.

  • Finalize: Once you've added the details, click "Create Presentation" to start building your slides.

3. Managing Presentations: Each presentation series on your dashboard comes with options that help you manage them effectively.

  • Duplicate: If you want to create a version of an existing presentation with slight modifications or use it as a template, the "Duplicate" option lets you make an exact copy to edit without altering the original.

  • Delete: Should you decide to remove a presentation permanently, use the "Delete" option. Be cautious, as this action is irreversible.

4. Seeking Help: We're here to assist you whenever you hit a roadblock.

  • Help Button: On your dashboard, you'll find a distinct "Help" button. Clicking this will connect you to our chat.

  • Instant Assistance: Through the chat, our dedicated support team will address any questions or concerns you might have about using Sidekick.

The Sidekick Dashboard is designed to offer a user-friendly experience, streamlining the process of creating, accessing, and managing your presentations. Familiarizing yourself with its features will ensure you make the most of what Sidekick has to offer. Happy presenting!

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