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Switching to Full Screen Mode for Presentations in Sidekick Beta
Switching to Full Screen Mode for Presentations in Sidekick Beta
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Launching Your Presentation: Start by ensuring your presentation is polished and ready to showcase:

  • Initiate Presentation Mode: Click the green "Present" button located at the top right-hand corner of your Sidekick Beta interface.

  • Presentation Window: A new window will open, which serves as your presentation space.

  • No Pop-Up Blockers: Be sure you don't have a pop-up blocker set or allow Sidekick to use pop-ups.

Moving to a Second Screen: For those using multiple displays, it’s easy to get set up:

  • Dual Display Control: Drag your presentation window to the second screen if needed. This screen becomes your presentation platform, while your main screen will act as the control center.

Going Full Screen in Google Chrome: Here’s how to immerse your audience in Google Chrome:

  • Enter Full Screen: Locate and click the full-screen icon in the lower right-hand corner of your presentation window.

  • Toolbar Visibility: If a toolbar still appears at the top, navigate to the "View" menu and uncheck "Always Show Toolbar in Fullscreen" to ensure a truly full-screen experience.

Exiting Full Screen Mode: When you need to return to the regular view:

  • Full Screen Toggle: Click on the full-screen icon once again to exit full screen mode.

Full Screen in Safari: The process is similar in Safari:

  • Full Screen Access: Click the full-screen icon to switch to full screen mode.

  • Consistent Experience: Regardless of the browser, you'll have a consistent full-screen experience.

Wrapping Up Your Session: Concluding your presentation in full screen mode:

  • Exit Full Screen: Once your presentation is complete, click on the full-screen icon to return to the standard windowed view.

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