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Resolving Full Screen Going Black on macOS
Resolving Full Screen Going Black on macOS

If you have encountered a black screen when attempting to use Sidekick in full-screen mode on macOS, this will help fix the issue.

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When using Sidekick on a Mac, you might encounter a situation where the screen turns black while attempting to go full screen, especially when using multiple displays. This issue is typically related to a macOS system preference setting. Here’s a straightforward guide to resolve this and ensure a smooth full-screen experience in Sidekick.

Understanding the Issue: The black screen during full-screen mode in Sidekick on a Mac can often be traced back to how macOS handles multiple displays. macOS has a feature that allows each display to operate independently, which is crucial for using other displays when an app is in full screen.

Follow these steps to adjust your Mac’s settings:

  1. Confirm Your Display Setup:

    • Ensure that you are using multiple displays and plan to use Sidekick in full-screen mode on one of them.

  2. Accessing System Preferences:

    • Click on the Apple menu at the top left corner of your screen.

    • Select "System Preferences" to open the settings window.

  3. Modify Mission Control Settings:

    • In System Preferences, find and click on “Mission Control”.

    • Look for the option that says “Displays have separate spaces”.

    • Ensure that this box is checked. This setting allows each connected display to act as a separate space, which is essential for using apps in full-screen mode across multiple monitors.

  4. Applying the Changes:

    • For these changes to take effect, you need to refresh your user session.

    • If changes don’t apply immediately on your Mac, try logging out and then back in.

Additional Tips:

  • Monitor Arrangement: If using multiple monitors, check your display arrangement settings in System Preferences > Displays to optimize how Sidekick appears across screens.

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