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Ready to Present

This guide will walk you through the steps to transition from preparation to performance effortlessly.

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1. Pre-Presentation Checklist: Make sure all sections are in place:

  • Review the Program Flow: Before you hit "Present", do a quick run-through of your program flow to ensure all sections and slides are correctly arranged. You can see the entire program flow on the left.

2. Going Live: Here's how you bring your presentation to the audience:

  • The Green Light to Present: Locate the green "Present" button on the top right-hand corner of your interface. Clicking this will launch your presentation.

  • Pop-Up Window: A new window will open, which will be your presentation window. Drag this window to the monitor that will be presenting.

3. Setting Up Your Display: Adjust the presentation to the right screen:

  • Dual-Screen Setup: If you're using multiple displays, you can drag the presentation window to the screen you'll be showing it on.

  • Full-Screen View: For an immersive experience, remove any browser bars or settings to ensure the presentation fills the screen.

4. Understanding the Control View: Get acquainted with the controls you'll use during the presentation:

  • Control Panel Overview: Your control view will showcase the current slide and a notification that your presentation is live – this indicates what your audience is currently viewing.

  • Slide Navigation: You can play videos directly within slides or use the arrow keys to navigate through your slides.

5. Navigating Slides: Jumping between slides and sections is straightforward:

  • Jump to Any Slide: If you need to move to a different slide or section, Sidekick Beta allows you to select any slide from your control view, and your audience will see the change instantly.

6. Monitoring Time: Keep track of your presentation duration:

  • Timer and Clock: Sidekick Beta provides a timer and a real-time clock, so you can manage your presentation time. You also have the option to reset the timer at any point.

7. Knowing What's Coming Up Next: Stay informed throughout your presentation:

  • Next Slide Preview: Similar to a confidence monitor, Sidekick Beta shows you what's coming up next along with any notes you may have added for the speaker.

  • Overview Access: At any time, you can go back to the overview to see all the slides in your queue, ensuring you always know what's ahead.

Conclusion: Remember, the control view is your command center, giving you real-time oversight and the ability to adapt on the fly. Now, take a deep breath – you're ready to captivate your audience. Happy presenting!

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