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Getting More Phone Connections on Sidekick
Getting More Phone Connections on Sidekick

If you've reached your connections cap on your current Sidekick plan, here are some ways to get more connections.

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Have you reached your connection cap and looking to expand your reach? Upgrading your phone connections in Sidekick is easy and can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you're on a basic plan looking to grow or you're ready to take your engagement to the next level, we've got you covered. Here's a simple guide to help you find the right upgrade path.

Gold and Premium Plans Have 25 Connections:

  1. Start off with 25 connections with Gold monthly or annual plans or a Coleader Premium plan.

Need 75 Connections? Here are Your Options:

  1. Gold+ Plan (75 Connections): Perfect for those currently on a Sidekick Plan with 25 connections. The Gold+ Plan boosts your capacity to 75 connections, ideal for growing ministries or groups.

  1. Coleader Premium+: Another excellent option for expanding your outreach. Along with other premium features, this plan also offers 75 connections.

Need More Than 75 Connections? Here's What You Can Do:

  1. Gold+ Higher Tiers: If you're already on the Gold+ or Premium+ plan and require more than 75 connections, consider moving to a higher tier within the Gold+ range. These tiers are designed to cater to larger groups and more extensive networks.

  2. Platinum Plan: For the ultimate in connectivity and features, the Platinum Plan is your go-to option. With this plan, you not only get an increased number of connections but also access to a suite of powerful tools and resources to enhance your Sidekick experience.

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